Mr. Bowles

Teacher:  Aaron Bowles

Subjects Taught:  Chemistry (4), Honors Chemistry, Physics, Honors Physics

Conference Period:  4th period 10:37-11:22


Classroom Goals:

  1. To learn as much as possible about the respective science subject
  2. To appreciate how science works
  3. To prepare you for the rigor of college classes 

Classroom Rules:

  1. There is no talking while I am talking, as I will not be interrupted.
  2. I expect you to listen - and not to talk - during all announcements.         
  3. Do not do anything that prevents you or others from learning/listening.

Lab Rules:

  1. We will go over the specific science lab rules in class.
  2. Goggles must be worn in all chemistry labs unless you are told otherwise.

Six Weeks Grading:

*Tests/Projects are 50% (there will be at least 2 tests per six weeks)

*Classwork/Labs are 50% (there will be at least 2 of these grades per week)

*Honors classes may have additional projects to complete.

*There is no extra credit offered at any time.  

*There are no test corrections allowed.  My best advice would be to do things right the first time.  (see below)

*I do offer a retest for all tests (except for semester exams - see section below).  I will give you the higher of the original test grade or the retested grade, but keep in mind that retested grades can go no higher than a 60 in the grade book.

*There are no lab makeups if absent.  If absent from a lab, you are excused from it.

*No late work will be accepted.

Semester Exam Grading:

For both the fall and spring semester exam grades, students will receive no lower than the average of their six weeks grades for that semester.  However, semester exams will be offered both semesters, and if a student can earn a better grade than the average of their six weeks grades for that semester, that grade will count so as to benefit the student’s overall grade.

Helpful Advice:

I am here to help you.  I love teaching, I love kids/young people, and I love math and science.  If you pay attention, put forth the required effort, and do what you are supposed to do in here, everything will take care of itself, and you will be fine.  My promise to you is that I will do my best to make the class interesting and fun, and I ask that you bring both a good attitude and a willingness to work to class each day in return.  My goal is to be that teacher that you look back upon fondly later in life, and when high school is over and you ask yourself, “Which teacher/s really cared about me and my well-being?”, I hope that my name comes to mind.  

Tutorials are offered daily during the tutorial period and after school.  If you need help, please come and get it!

I look forward to having a great year with you!

Classroom Calendar

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