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Week At A Glance--Lesson Plans

Weeks' Lesson Plans At A Glance: (Please see the attached files below) 
For Due Dates and in-depth lessons--Please refer to Microsoft TEAMS
BIM I:   
 We will create different business projects using Microsoft Office
 I will learn to create business reports and projects using Microsoft Office
We will create and evaluate business projects and present to the community.
I will learn to create projects using multiple computer programs and learn how to     
evaluate the worth of the project and professionally present. 
Accounting I & II:
We will refer to the accounting equation and stress that using the equation is basic to the mastery of accounting and will be used frequently throughout the text.
I will complete the accounting cycle using transactions to post to journals and ledgers, then create worksheets and financial statements while using the accounting equation. 
Money Matters:
We will achieve a level of financial literacy to help us become financially capable 
 I will learn about budgets, wants, needs, balancing bank accounts, investments, 
 and insurance to make wise financial decisions.
Business Mngmt:  
We will focus on careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business 
functions essential to efficient and productive business operations.
I will learn the concepts of business management including, planning, organizing, 
staffing, leading and controlling, which includes project management skills.